Nefarius | About

Nefarius (Latin)
ne·far·i·us \niˈfe(ə)rēəs\
: wicked, crazy

Ahmed Shaikh is a traveler, (bathroom) singer, food enthusiast (eater, in other word), mixologist/wine connoisseur (or, drinker in simple term), snowboarder, Dimmu Borgir & Ritchie Blackmore fan, CD collector...all the good stuffs (as well as bad stuffs)..and of course, photographer.

Music has always been a big part of his life. He grew up at a time when artists like Guns N'Roses, Bathory, Nirvana was at the height of their fame and was releasing albums actively. So, growing up he did see a lot of changes in the music scene and learned to love music (or hate music, whenever applicable), which started from Modern (which kids nowadays like to quote as 'classic rock') Rock and took its path through timeless music as well as music that lasted only for a certain time period, he went though phases of Acid Rock, early-mid 90s Pop, late 90s & early 2000s new phases of Metal (Doom Metal, Viking Metal, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal), mid to late 2000s Celtic and Renaissance works, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, and then in the early days of 2012, he was introduced to electronic music, which, over time, completely changed the way he treats music!

Growing up before the evolve of the #s & yolo generation, he wanted to become many things, (in the respective order) cricketplayer, singer, programmer, web designer, photographer, mobile programmer, (again) photographer were among the biggest ones. He did manage to touch bases of all those, but he never knew what he wanted most and thus, he never spent much time learning one for too long. Until, he was introduced to the colorful & friendly world of electronic music. He took camera in his hands again, which changed the way he sees & embraces colors with his inner hippie self. He just got done serving USAF, with this new-found love, he decided to complete his Enlistment and call it done in order to pursue the opportunities available in the colorful world!